Bitcoin BTC price analysis, Ripple XRP debate, IOTA price rises, Bitcoin whales and more

Welcome to our CryptoMonday weekly review of week 40! As usual, there was a lot to report this week and so it is not surprising that we can again come up with a whole range of interesting news for you.

Our topics this week range from the Crypto Profit price and its possible turning point, to a DeFi Coin that has already risen almost 10,000% and still has a lot more upside potential, Ripple’s mention in connection with the central banks to the exciting question, what actually makes polkadot so special.

Of course, that’s not all by far! But much more is not to be revealed at this point, because in the following we have prepared the highlights of the last week for you in our usual gear, bit by bit and easily digestible.

But that’s enough of the preface. Have fun with our CryptoMonday weekly review!

Afterwards, let us know what the most exciting or significant events were for you this week and discuss them with our community on Telegram .

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Bitcoin price at a turning point? This indicator gives hope for a breakout
Bitcoin price BTC price increase chart

The Bitcoin price has been moving between USD 10,000 and USD 11,000 for weeks. So far, the bulls have been able to defend the USD 10,000 mark well and the bears have prevented the break through the USD 11,000 mark.

However, an important on-chain indicator currently shows that the Bitcoin price could experience an upward breakthrough in the near future. The indicator is currently moving towards a historic turning point that could bring a positive trend with it. What kind of indicator this is and what it says about the Bitcoin price, you can read in this article .

DeFi-Coin rose 9266% in one month and could play a role in that $ 134 billion industry

Understand illustration of candle charts on the topic of chart analysis

With the best will in the world, there is currently no shortage of DeFi-Coins. In the area of ​​decentralized finance, as many new projects are emerging as mushrooms are springing up. But very few really have the potential to be successful in the long term and most are more like one-day flies. They are there for a moment and then gone again, while numerous conspecifics follow them. But that is far from true for all projects in the DeFi-Space.

Delphi Digital, a research firm that conducts institutional analysis of the digital asset market, believes the Shroom.Finance (SHROOM) crypto platform has significant potential to break into a multi-billion dollar industry. Here you can find out why this is the case and what makes this project different from so many others .